The Harstine Island Community Club has adopted over 6 miles of Harstine Island roadways to reduce roadside litter, contribute to a cleaner environment, and a more attractive Mason County.

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HICC committed to:
  • Pick up trash on North Island Dr from milepost 1 to 4.7 (Harstene Pointe). The Pioneer Kiwanis have an agreement covering milepost 1 to the bridge.
  • Pick up trash on South Island Dr from milepost 1 to 3.3 (intersection with East Island Drive). The Pioneer Kiwanis have an agreement covering milepost 1 to the bridge.
  • Clean the roads adopted at least four times a year.
  • Provide safety training to volunteers.
  • Ensure volunteers wear safety gear (vests and hard hats).
  • Document/record clean-ups conducted.
  • Maintain a contact person/group leader.
Mason County has committed to:
  • Provide trash bags; hard hats; safety vests; signage; and flashing lights.
  • Pickup and dispose of trash collected.
  • Provide a sign recognizing HICC’s “adoption.”
  • The agreement sets a minimum age for volunteers at 15. It also limits the number of volunteers (to 10) and number of cars that can be parked in the clean-up zone during the cleanup (to encourage carpooling). It also prohibits cleanups on holiday weekends.
Safety Training Video

Map of Adopted Roads
Want to help?

For planning purposes, the cleanups will be conducted during the second week of January, April, July, and October. Contact for more information or to volunteer.

What’s Been Accomplished?