LaJune Community Lunch

In 1997 Damon LaJune told his wife Barbara he felt a lunchtime gathering would bring people together with a chance to meet new friends and keep up with the old. They worked together and hosted the first lunch in November of 1997 at the hall. The first lunch menu prepared was a full Thanksgiving dinner with five people in attendance. That number has steadily grown over the years feeding as many as 130 people. The luncheons were open to anyone and their guests and has since changed to anyone 50 and older and their guests. Back in the day a donation of $2 was asked to cover the cost of preparing lunch however increased food costs has forced us to increase it to $5.

Volunteers continue to cook delicious homemade meals every other Wednesday beginning with the 1st Wednesday of any given year.  Senior lunch is served at the Harstine Island Community Club Hall at noon.

LaJune Community Lunch is a wonderful and treasured service so please join us. Meals consist of coffee or tea, a main course and dessert.

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