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Second Century Building Fund

Customer Orientation

In 2014 the late Jeff Geibel and other community members believed population growth on the island would prompt a need for expanded facilities. They established the Second Century Building Fund to raise donations to construct an auxiliary building to augment our historic hall.

The “idea originators” lived on the island a long time and were active participants in the HICC. They appreciated the value that HICC provided and wanted to ensure the “next generation” had facilities that provided the same opportunities, to include designing a facility that could be modified or changed as the original community hall changed (started as a basketball court then modified to add a stage, kitchen and restrooms).  

Since 2014 approximately $500,000 has been raised. Funding (not included in the  $500K amount cited) to hire an architect (to help develop concepts) was provided by an individual that has asked to remain anonymous.

The committee is still actively collecting community feedback, but would like to focus feedback on whether the following features should be included:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Storage
  • Parking        

The committee is also interested in any comment or concerns any community member has. More importantly the committee is interested in what the community thinks building needs will be in the next 10, 25, 50 years (a look into the future).

The committee plans to meet with all the current HICC clubs and to solicit member comments on the HICC website (

Please complete the survey below and then click the "SIGN THE PETITION" button to submit your responses.