Lorna Hink Memorial Scholarship

The Harstine Island Theater Arts Scholarship was established by official action to encourage and assist students with talent and ambition in performing arts. A $500 scholarship will be awarded to a student selected by the scholarship committee.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A high school graduate who is a resident of Mason County.
  • Enrolled in an accredited university, college or school of theater arts with emphasis in theater arts or related areas such as acting, dance, music, playwriting, technical lighting and sound, directing or stage design.

Criteria for Selection

The scholarship committee will look at the following when determining selection:

  • Experience in performing arts.
  • Enthusiasm for performing arts degree.

Application Procedure

Submit the following items on or before the August 1 to:

HITC Scholarship
PO BOX 1635
Shelton WA 98584

  • Cover letter introducing your strengths especially in theater arts, and educational goals.
  • Copy of high school transcript.
  • Evidence of registration to an accredited university, college or school ofperforming arts.
  • Resume of not more than 500 words: may include photos, clippings or programs.
  • A letter of recommendation from a member of the local community or faculty recommendation from an advisor or teacher.

All materials rcceived from applicant will become the property of the Harstine Island Theatre Club and will not be returned to the student.