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Square Foot Gardening

The topic for the January 2022 Garden Club meeting was Square Foot Gardening, presented by member, Laurie Williams. The HIGC is partnering with Pioneer School District in creating a sustainable garden program.  Laurie shared a system that will be implemented in the garden’s raised beds.

Square Foot Gardening is a gardening method developed by Mel Bartholomew to grow a lot of plants in small spaces. In fact, square foot gardening utilizes only 10% of the water of a traditional row garden, making this method extremely efficient. No machinery, fertilizers, or heavy tools are ever needed, and no skills or horticulture experience is necessary.

Some benefits:

  • Vegetables can be tightly spaced
  • Weeding is greatly reduced or eliminated
  • Use less seeds
  • Grow up to three crops annually in each square (cool weather crop, warm weather crop, and a second cool weather crop)
  • Conserve water
  • Easy companion planting to reduce pests and disease
  • Grow quality produce organically (using Mel’s recommended mix: 1/3 compost, 1/3 vermiculite, and 1/3 peat or coir)

Resources to start:

Square Foot Gardening Website

Purchase Mel Bartholomew’s Books about “Square Foot Gardening”

Reserve Mel Bartholomew’s books on “Square Foot Gardening” at your Timberland Regional Library.