Garden Club

Garden Dedication at the Pioneer School District

The newly dedicated Eagles’ Garden welcomed families on June 7th. K-8 students toured their parents around the garden that they helped build with the support of the Harstine Island Garden Club (HIGC). During this first year back after COVID had closed schools, the students actively built garden beds and paths; shoveled piles of soil and woodchips; direct sowed cool season crops and potted up warm season basil, peppers, and tomatoes; cared for the garden; and were able to pick and eat the harvests of their labor! In addition to proudly showing family and friends the results of their efforts, they were able to participate in activities provided by the HIGC: rock painting, flavored-water tasting, and taking home a potted plant. It was a fun evening for all thanks to the hard work of the Pioneer School District staff, the HIGC members, and support from the community.

New welcome sign for Eagles’ Garden
Raised beds planted by students
Flavored-water tasting station